Handmade by us in the USA since 1981, the Vagabond is versatile, played on stage or just around the house, and ideal for songwriting, recording, and travel.

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We do a wide range of work from complete restorations to routine fretwork. Specializing in authentic renovation of vintage  Martin & Gibson instruments
  • Electric and Acoustic
  • Complete Fret services
  • Same day setup
  • Quick turn-around


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The Vagabond

Custom instruments

stringsmith instruments - vagabond travel guitar

For over 30 years luthier Kevin Smith has been building the finest custom-designed fretted instruments. He designed and perfected the Vagabond Travel Guitar line of unique compact guitars. All instruments are quality crafted at StringSmith Instruments in Castleton, NY. Kevin is also available for guitar building and repairs large and small. 

We will build your instrument to fit your specific requests - to fit your fingers and playing style, from a singing finger-style parlor guitar to the roar of a full-size bluegrass guitar. We have designed and built everything from Ukeleles, to a one of a kind double-neck 12-string/classical guitar.

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