Tues 3/14/2014: " I bought one of your guitars in 1988 or 89. I am a pilot and have carried that guitar for 25 years.  Still sounds and looks great. It has brought me a lot of joy over the years."

-- Dana Stewart

My husband, Ben Givens, just bought  me another Vagabond. I love this guitar, it is a work of art.  I use it for playing when we travel or sitting back in bed or on couch when my Martin is too big for that.  I had bemoaned the fact that my first Vagabond was stolen for sometime so imagine my surprise when this one arrived this last Friday! 

-- Kris Givens

"I purchased a Vagabond guitar as a Christmas present for my son Devin. He and a friend are currently hiking the Appalachian Trail, which goes from Georgia to Maine. I met up with them a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania, and we had a jam with other hikers at a shelter near the trail. He says that of all the gear he has to carry, which averages 55 lbs, his Vagabond guitar would be the last thing he would give up. It truly is a fine instrument and can take a lot of abuse."

- Thom Brown

"WOW! Amazing guitar!!!  I have 2 vagabonds with me, both created by you sometime 1997. I love them guitars, they are not only portable but sounds real good. I had to ask my sister to buy in there in the United States, since I live here in Manila, Philippines and guess what, I play it more often than my Taylor 710CE!! Its portability means I take it with me and perform with it more (90% more) than my Taylor!"

- Daniel Y. Go

"I have a multitude of guitars here and have a few observations to make about the Vagabond. It is the easiest acoustic guitar to fret that I have ever had. I find that my fingers can move across the frets with incredible ease. I knew from reviews of the Vagabond that the sound hole projects outwards much more than upwards. Ear measurement by my experimental subject (the wife) determined that the volume matches my full-size Yamaha FG-430. It is approximately 4 times louder than my Martin Backpacker, which I more or less expected. Last Sunday I played for a contemporary music service at our church (Episcopal).My partner was playing a 12-string, and the people in front of us said the two instruments were very well balanced. I play lead, and, from his position, to the left of me, he could not hear the little Vagabond, so our coordination was a little off. The people at the service went bonkers when they saw the Vagabond - several thought it was some sort of lute, and at least one person who has heard a cittern thought it sounded a little like a cittern. So I can report to you that Anglicans see it as an English-looking instrument."

- Richard Schier

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed:

Take a road test and experience the pleasure of owning a Vagabond Travel Guitar. Pick your model and options, and we will promptly ship you a vagabond set up with easy playing action. If you have any special requests in this area, we are happy to accommodate you. Take up to 10 days to fall in love with the Vagabond. If by some chance you are not delighted with your purchase, simply return it in the same condition in which you received it, for a full refund of you invoice total, including our regular shipping charge, express shipping is at your option.

Home & Travel

This is a frequent quote we get about the Vagabond: "I have many high end Taylor and Martin guitars and like the Vagabond's unique sound and playability. It is the guitar I reach for."

  • I booked a budget round trip flight from Albany, NY to Redding, CA. My route included 2 airlines and four plane changes each way. I loosened the strings, packed my vagabond in its bag and checked it through baggage. My Vagabond arrived safe and sound after both flights. The Vagabond's tough construction has been proven again and again over 20 years.

  • The Vagabond is always handy around the house, reach for it at any time. .

Stage & Studio

What started as a "Travel" guitar turned into so much more, starting with Terre Roche, Richard Barone to Jill Sobule and Neil Young. The Vagabond's surprising full, clear sound rings out on stage with no feedback problems. In the studio, it is versitile for laying down foundation tracks, or with effects for distinctive leads.

Beautifully handcrafted in the USA of the highest quality materials, the Vagabond was designed in 1981 by musician and luthier Kevin Smith. Sold around the world the Vagabond is a versatile, dynamic, lightweight alternative to a full size guitar. Small, yet it has a full rich sound. It can be amplified and played on stage. The Vagabond was designed to travel, is easily stowable, and comes with a rugged protective bag. It is renowned for fine fretwork and precise intonation, a perfect marriage of size and function.

The Vagabond

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Mike Gordon: Overstep Sessions (Part I)

On the Big Island of Hawaii: 
For making my dream come true, I thank you: A key  element in the marriage ceremony for every musician should be a Vagabond Guitar! - Kelly Grant (Broadway Actress) and Tom Demenkoff (Composer/Actor)

Mike Gordon:

"Who knew that this would be the Funk Machine from hell" ... Play the "Overstep" video below starting at 4:52 minutes for his effects demo. This whole video is full of studio fun. Currently on tour with his custom black Hobo.